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Brandon "Sharp Be Gone"  Filled Roller Bottles

Brandon "Sharp Be Gone" Filled Roller Bottles

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Gold Cap Glass Gemstone Essential Oil Roller Bottles.  Filled with Gemstones Chips & Brandon “Sharp Be Gone” Oil


  • Sardonyx(Red Stones)= Stone of Strength + Protection since ancient times and also associated with Courage + Happiness + Clear Communication.
  • Fluorite(Clear)=This calcium fluoride crystal is often translucent but comes in many other colors as well. Each with its own set of healing properties. Balance+Purification+Protection.
  • Quartz (Clear) = Clarity + Purification + Restoration
  • Sodalite (Blue)=    Perception+ Purifying + Awakening
  • Cats Eye(Greenish, Brownish, Yellowish color of shade)=is said to bring good Judgement+provide    Deeper Understanding.
  • Onyx(Black)=Stability+   Strength+Productivity
  • Rose Quartz (Light Pink) =    Love+Peace+Acceptance
  • Amethyst (Purple)=    Peace+Spirituality+Purifying
  • Aventurine(Green)=    Strength + Confidence+ Courage+Happiness
Gem Stones
  • Prevent from Leaks

    These roller bottles will have small portion of Saran Wrap placed on top of roller to prevent from leak.  You can also apply this at home when carry or placed in a bag.  This want happen when standed up.

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