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Briannah "Lift & Shine"

Briannah "Lift & Shine"

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Hair And Scalp

Healthy hair is a reflection of a balanced diet and lifestyle and gentle treatment.  However, present day practices such as bleaching, perming, blow drying and the excessive use of harsh hair products result in much time and money being spent on repairing the damage.


Like skin. Hair is naturally acidic; frequent washing with an alkaline shampoo, for instance, disrupts this acid balance, and can be damaging to healthy hair.


So, the first step in treating hair is to use a mild pH balanced shampoo (easy to obtain nowadays) and to wash as infrequently as you dare.


Suggestion: Once every seven to ten days would be ideal, though if your hair is oily, or if you live or work in a polluted environment, you will have to shampoo more often.

  • Improve Blood-flow to scalp
  • Stimulate Hair Growth to get hair soften, smooth & shine to strengthen hair from the root
  • Help to reduce Itchy dry scalp and brittle & dry hair
  •  Hydrate’s hair strands
  • Also be applied on Beard for men


Preparing and using hair blend and scalp oil

Massage your scalp with the aromatic blend, work the oil into the hair, pay special attention to the ends which are prone to dryness and splitting, Hot oil treatment: Cover your head with a towel and leave for up to an hour if you like before shampooing. 

Use your essential oil blend as weekly conditioning treatment. 

  • Our Hair Is Our Antenna
  • Our Hair Represents Our Strength


There will be Options for Bottles but have the same oz.  2 oz

1. Clear Plastic Bottles Applicator with Twist Top Cap BPA-Free. 

2. Plastic Pink Bullet Bottles  BPA -free and are made of PET plastic