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White Sage Smudge Stick, Medium

White Sage Smudge Stick, Medium

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Medium White Sage Smudge Stick 

Hand Gathered & Bundled Sacred Herb smudge for ceremonies,

cleansing, protection and more.



Self Burning Wand of White Sage. Traditionally used for Smudging.

Strong scent of earth with powerful purifying/cleansing effects by smudge (smoke). 

White Sage can be considered a Yang sage smudge. Each measures approximately 6 inches.


The sacred plant is hand gathered from Turtle Island; carefully dried and bundled for your Rituals and Ceremonies. Our gatherers do more than harvest your sage! They find, when gathering, others may have profusely picked the sage which they do not do.  When this disrespectful depletion is found by them, they walk through the fields and pray with the plants rather than harvesting. They only wish to pick healthy, happy sage for your ritual use. They find abundance of the sacred herb in other areas rather than deplete an area of the white sage. Your gatherers make their money for survival on Turtle Island by respectfully walking, hiking and communing with the sacred plants.



White Sage is known for:

  • Immortality
  • Longevity
  • Wisdom
  • Protection
  • Wishes
  • Represents West/Water